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Read the latest announcements and circulars of the National Organization of Medicines (EOF) on scientific events and the promotion of medicines:

1. By the announcement dated 09/14/2018, National Organization of Medicines (EOF) states that: 
"Further to the announcement dated 7-27-2018, and regarding, in particular, sponsorships on: 
 ♦  One Day Workshops / Meetings: up to € 5,000, per company / sponsor
 ♦  Scientific Events > 8 hours: up to € 15,000, per company / sponsor ,
said changes will apply to all scientific events taking place by 9//17/2018.
From the Board of Directors / EOF
2. By the announcement dated 07/27/2018, National Organization of Medicines (EOF) communicated the following: 
"Updates on changes to the current Scientific Events' Circular
♦ These changes will be effective from 8-1-2018
♦ Modification / Cancellation Requests of Scientific Events will be processed electronically by the scientific bodies or organizations / EOF product companies no later than 10 calendar days before the date of the scientific event. In the "comment" field, it should be filled in where the modification request refers to. Scientific Events' Modifications by the scientific bodies or organizations / EOF product companies should be made in a timely manner to ensure the smooth participation of health professionals in those.
Regarding requests for health professionals' participation, companies under EOF's reesponsibility have the option of canceling all request or individual participation of health professionals / substitution / modification of data / add-on exemption, at the latest 10 days before the event commencement.
Time limitation of event organizing requests' initial submission for the months of Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct is canceled, and the submission limitation of no less than 2 months before the event commencement is strictly maintained.
♦ Regarding the submission of yet pending scientific events of 2017, the online platform will remain open until 10/9/2018 for this purpose.
♦ Generally, accounting reports of events and health professionals' participation requests should be submitted within the event current year and until June 1st of the following year.

♦ With regard to sponsorships for:

   • One Day Workshops / Meetings: up to € 5,000, per company / sponsor
   • Scientific Events > 8 hours: up to € 15,000, per company / sponsor 
♦ Budgeting and Reporting on event organizing requests will only state the total amounts of budgets and account reports and the respective sponsorship amounts.

♦ It is recalled that any submission request for event organizing / health professionals' participation / accounting reports shall be filled in only via the online platform within the timeframes defined by the relevant circular. Therefore, any update by e-mail and / or by filing a printed document in EOF's register is not evaluated and disregarded.
♦ Circular: 3. Regulations: the 25% margin of budget overrun does not apply.
By the Board of Directors of EOF "
3. Arch. No. 27810 / 3.20.2018 EOF's Circular FOR SCIENTIFIC EVENTS

4. The Circular No 44787 / 5.12.2017 EOF's Circular regarding the amendment of Circular 16427 / 2.24.2017 on the Advertising of Pharmaceuticals

5. Arch. No. 16427 / 2.24.2017 EOF's Circular for the provision of clarifications on the process of compliance checking of the advertising terms followed by EOF.

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See the Decisions and Announcements of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies regarding scientific events:

  1. SFEE Events' platform for the assessment of Type A Events based on the principles set out by SFEE's Code of Conduct for the proper conduct of scientific events (see Articles 21 and 2
  2. SFEE's Code of Conduct for the Promotion of Prescription Drugs and Disclosure of Benefits by Pharmaceutical Companies to Health Professionals and Scientific Sanitary Bodies.
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